Take your clothes off

Take your clothes off.
Take your clothes off and dance for me. Look at me.

You are so beautiful. Look at your skin, so delicate.
You’re young and full of life. Let yourself be admired. Don’t cover your body.
You want to be looked at.

Let the wind dance around you, kiss your breasts.

Turn, twirl around. That’s great. Be yourself.

No, be someone else. Be someone else looking at you sitting in a chair. Looking at you dancing.

Look at you.

You’re naked.

And beautiful.

Let go, don’t think. You’re thinking too much and it shows. Relax, relax your arms.

Look at you. You’re a child. You don’t seem to know your body.

Let me tell you, the stars look down at you tonight and wish to make you smile.
You glow when you dance in their spotlight. Catching your curves and mounds.

Let your body tell the story stop thinking.

We’ll go down to the river when the light is perfect. When the air is warm but not thick.

Now lie there floating, on your back.

Let the water soothe your precious skin let the waves gently stroke you. Listen to your breathing. Be in your body. Now drift away. Take your mind with you. I got you. I’m with you.