The HouseKeeper, 2019

The Housekeeper, Lily, is one of twenty-five characters.

Twenty-five versions of me.

She is quiet and shy, but pleasant.

She looks after a massive building that has been open and closed to the public many times; as a hospital, a boarding school, a doctors’ surgery, temporary shops, living apartments and now guests’ rooms for short-term stays or events, etc.

She has lived and worked there all her life; she was found and looked after by the teachers of the boarding school. She hardly ever leaves the building, in fact, no-one has really seen her leave.  Everyone in the town knows who she is, they see her in the building but they’ve never seen her in the town.

She’s been invited many times to social situations but she always politely declines. They think it’s very weird that she never leaves the building. 

Some of the older people say, “You can be in a room with her, feel her presence, but she will come and go without you knowing, and she’ll never say a word, just smile at you”.